Microphone Stand from a Lamp Arm

I found a solution for my audio quality issues in my videos. I purchased a Neewer NW-700 microphone which included a shock mount. I also purchased an XLR microphone cable and a pop filter. The only thing I was missing was a microphone stand.


The table I am using is made out of 2x4s so the edge of the table is really thick. Normal microphone stands I seen would not fit due to the large width. I came up with a 3d printed clamp and an adapter for the shock mount. The clamp includes a locking nut to prevent the clamp from loosening from the table from vibration.

Microphone Stand Solution Steps

The first thing I did was to sketch out a design of the clamp shown in the picture below. I debated whether or not to have a solid clamp part or a bolt in-between connecting the two sides. I chose the solid clamp because the bolt connecting the two sides would allow the parts to rotate, possibly unhitching itself from the table.

Modeling Parts

The next task was to model the parts. I used Autodesk Inventor to design the parts because it is free for students. I modeled the c-clamp in a part environment and the other parts in an assembly environment. I also modeled part of the table for reference.

3d Printing

Printing the parts went well since I calibrated my printer precisely. The large c-clamp was printed 40% honeycomb, while the other parts were printed 100%. There was a slight warp on the c-clamp assembly due to not enough abs+acetone mix on the bed.

Supplies Needed

The hardware used is as follows…

  • 1X M10x50 bolt (Main screw to tighten up clamp)
  • 1X 3/8″ bolt (To attach microphone shock mount to stand)
  • 2X M10 Nuts (One for keeping the M10 bolt in place and another for locking the clamp)
  • Epoxy (For securing knob on end of M10 bolt)
  • Velcro strip (securing microphone cable to stand)
  • Stick-on felt (Protecting table surface)

Design Download Link

I submitted this design to Thingiverse.


Additional Information

The Neewer shock mount I used had a converter that accepted a 3/8″ thread. The diameter of the lamp arm base is 12.66mm. The c-clamp¬†cracked slightly when I inserted the lamp arm, I solved this by coating the c-clamp in epoxy.