Engineering Paper 8.5x11in

Could not find a good PDF of engineering paper, so I made a template myself. Good for tablet computers, printing, etc. Dimensions are 8.5×11 inch, 1-inch major grids, 1/5-inch minor grid.


New Domain and Server

A quick blog update.

The domain ‘’ is going to expire soon. I came to the conclusion that the domain is hard to pronounce since it has a long name. The domain┬áname was also too focused on electronics because I can cover other topics also.

I changed the domain to ‘’ to make it generalized and make it easier to type. It is also my name to bring a personal feel to the website. I am also in the process of changing my Youtube channel name to ‘Pat’s Projects’.

I also updated the server to a Bitnami WordPress image. Previously, I installed WordPress and the server components manually. This took many hours to get the server stable. I ended up using Nginx with MariaDB. There were some small permission related errors that still persisted until I upgraded to the Bitnami image. The server image started flawlessly. WordPress was ready to go in about 3 minutes. The only snag was implementing SSL on the site which I fixed by using CertBot.