100W LED Driver V2 Design Log 1

This second version of the led driver will improve the design of version 1.

  • The connectors feature a quick disconnect capability
  • A 5A mini-blade fuse on the +48V side has been added for extra safety
  • The BOM cost has been reduced
  • Current selection will now just require a jumper change, way better than soldering/de-soldering resistors
  • This version will feature an isolated PWM input to avoid any ground issues from the controller to the 48v supply
  • The current selection ranges will now be 3.0A,3.5A, and variable from 0A – 3.5A using a potentiometer
  • The controller was changed from the TI LM3409HV to HV9910CSG from Microchip
  • The PCB design program was switched from Eagle to KiCad. Continue reading “100W LED Driver V2 Design Log 1”