The Start

After about 8 hours of fiddling with Ubuntu Server and Amazon Web Services, I have a working blog, yay! This will be a place for me to document the projects that I do. There is lots of content that I plan to make and release.

I already have a Youtube Channel named ‘DoublEElectronics’ which I posted videos about a 100w led driver that I developed also there are tear-downs and 3d printing parts. It was a challenge making the videos because of the small amount of time I used to produce them. This blog will make the content I produce more precise because I will also have an outlet to type rather than speak. I guess speaking is not one of my strengths. The content that I created might not of fit the video format also.

This format fits better to what I want to accomplish with content creation, a easy way to launch stuff going on to the internet so other people are helped by the ideas in their own projects. There will still be a video aspect to each project, but I will reduce its scope and focus on typed ideas.

-Patrick Rice
Electrical Engineering Student