Induction Furnace Crucible Break Detection Design Log 2


The crucible break detection (CBD) detects if the crucible has broken and shuts off the induction furnace. It accomplishes it by having two parallel metal plates underneath the crucible. If the crucible were to break. the metal would pour out and short out the coil. An electrical circuit will then shut off the relay that provides power to energize the 3-phase contractor and thus the entire work coil driving circuit.

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Open-Source Induction Furnace Design Log 1

*NOTE: This is not a final design yet*

I along with a team started this project in the fall of 2014 and it is almost complete. The goal is to melt aluminum and steel for researching metal alloys. I don’t even know where to begin on this project because there are so many parts and systems. I guess I will start with a block diagram. This design is based off an instructable by Bayley Wang.

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